Careers and INFPs

I have just finished reading an article on eHow ( about jobs for INFPs. If you’re unfamiliar with this personality type, it stands for Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceptive. Whenever I take the Myers-Briggs, I flip flop between being an INFP and an INFJ. Either way, I have the introverted Intuitive and feeling thing down! In short, one is considered the Protector and one is a dreamer.

I tend to be more on the dreamer side except when I am really passionate about something, family being one of them.

I tend to have a way of thinking where if I have a thought about how I want a certain situation to turn out, that’s exactly how I expect it to go. We all know that rarely happens! But I get caught up in thinking about things and am gung-ho about it. 

For example, I have been learning about building homes that are more non traditional for the US such as sandbag homes. To me that looks like something really great to do. I think that I would like to have the experience of building my own home, owning my own land, planting a garden, and relying as little as possible on outside sources for the things I need. One reason I feel this way is because of my lack of work and resources needed to sustain the typical American lifestyle. 

Protector would come in because I would actually like to make enough to pay my bills and help my mother and sisters if they need some help. I have taken in a friend in need when she had nowhere to go. 

The way things are going in the business world, or rather the world in general I guess, is that people love the extrovert. That person that is outgoing and loves to be in the middle of it all. The people that can think on their feet.

I’m nothing like that. I need to be able to come up with a solution to things after I have had the chance to think about what is needed and what could be the outcome. I don’t mind being around  a few people but a large group is another story.

When talking to people, I’d rather let them initiate the conversation. I enjoy listening. I can jump in when I need to.