How do you know where you going if you don’t know where you’ve been?

So, this post is really just a backtrack of the jobs that I have had. The longest for 3 years.

My very first job was when I was 16. I worked at Captain D’s for a little over year I believe. I then went to work at Blimpie’s. That was a serious flop. Lunch time crowd, fast pace, I am not a fast person, at much of anything. But after that I worked at a movie theater working concession. It wasn’t that bad. Cleaning, working with cash, good coworkers. Unfortunately, no car and got off of work after midnight most nights. 

Note: I don’t do well when I have to work at a very fast pace.

I went off to school for a year. After I returned, I went to work for Convergy’s, a call center. It was alright while doing the Motel 6 project, but once they started up AT&T that was it for me. I then went to work for the USPS at the Remote Encoding Center where I did data entry work. I didn’t mind it really but I just couldn’t stay awake! Typing was the only sound you could hear and even with my headphones on I just couldn’t keep up.

NOTE2: Production work has not been good for me either.

I left there and returned to school for computer programming. I catch on to things fast and all the tests were repeats of the classwork, word for word! Needless to say, I did very well in math and English.  COBOL was awful! Java and C++ were also. 

Anyway, I may have the order mixed up but I went to work for a temp service doing more data entry. I just checked the images against the documents and entered the information which didn’t come in very clear. I went from there to another company where I did more data entry along with sorting claims. OMG!! That was the worst!! But I did develop a crush on a

I worked for another temp at an insurance company delivering interoffice mail for 6 months after that one. Got laid off from that position but was then put into another position very soon after where I was working in the Department of Human Services office. 

I honestly enjoyed that position for the most part. I directed clients to the correct areas, then I may be working downstairs answering phones. Later I may go back upstairs where I would make copies of documents and enter some information into the system. Later, I was taught how to do intake. Unfortunately, the state was on a hiring freeze. I was laid off.

NOTE3: I like variety.

It took a long while before I found another job. In the mean time, I drove an ice cream truck, a cab, and went away to learn how to be a truck driver. 

I never did get how to drive a stick. Floating gears and all that. Just so much that I just didn’t get down. I left that and returned to school. Didn’t work for quite a while afterwards. Just took care of home.

I finally got a job in 2006 that I stayed at for 3 years. If I had known then what I know now I might have stayed. Good thing, though, is that I did get my Bachelor’s degree. Bad thing, I’m looking for a job!! I’m tired of looking for a job!! 

I don’t interview well at all! 

Sorry, bout

Anyway, another temp. position. Just going from school to school trying to get some information. I was working for a company where the students from Title I schools were given free computers so that they could be in a tutoring program. Needless to say, I couldn’t get some of those computers back. I couldn’t get the forms returned from the parents and the schools couldn’t verify contact info.

I did the best I could though. I think I had 3 that just weren’t going to act right, the others everything was okay. So 3 out of 10..I think I did well. 

i then went on to work at company where I did personal care for the elderly. Unfortunately it worked out that I only had about 8 hours a week. I left there and went to a class for my CNA. I completed the class but did not get the job so I returned to the previous job. I was given a position in the assisted living center. Unfortunately, most of the clients that were there should have been in a nursing home!

I did my job though. I stayed until I couldn’t take it anymore. One person, 20 clients…no.

So, I went on to work for another temp agency over the holiday season. Standing 10 hours on concrete packing boxes. Remember Note 1? Yea, the company wanted a production rate of over 75% on a consistent basis. I had my first write up the second day.

You can see where this is going.

I have now been out of work and turning in applications and resumes since 12/28/2012. 

And so, we have this blog.

Longest post ever!!!